The Pacific Theater battlefields of WWII, photographs from War Of Our Fathers

Photographs of the Pacific Battlefields of WW2

Photos of the major Pacific island battlefields of World War II shot in 1990-1991 for the book War Of Our Fathers. The collection includes many black & white infrared photos. presents new War Of Our Fathers content, as well as Pacific Theater battlefield maps; WWII era Pacific Theater radio broadcasts; Pacific War video; Pearl Harbor hearing documents and links to veterans resources.

The Photographs

The Philippines | New Guinea | Guadalcanal
Tarawa | New Britain | Truk Lagoon | Saipan
Peleliu | Guam | Iwo Jima | Okinawa | Tinian

foreword | afterword
introduction | authors's note
maps, audio, video and WW2 resources

foreword by Stephen E. Ambrose | afterword by Senator John McCain

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