5 Unsolved Mysteries about World War II

In the course of human history, World War II is arguably not too far back in the past, and various events related to it still continue to amaze us until now.

There are still a number of things that need to be examined in the next few years.

One reason is the existence of a number of mysteries that remain unanswered. There are many questions about the big conflict, but the answers were given instead lead to new questions.

Even if the mysteries are never solved, hopefully, people continue to learn them. World War II is indeed too terrible, but at the same time, too important to ignore.

1. The loss of Blutfahne

Before Adolf Hitler was elected to lead Germany, he tried to overthrow the German government through violence. As a result, in an attempt to violence, as many as 16 of his troops were killed, and Hitler himself was thrown into prison.

After being released, he was given a flag named Die Blutfahne, which means “Flag of Blood.” The flag was reportedly spattered by the blood of his fellow comrades who were killed.

The flag seemed to have a mystical nature and was said to purify every other flag that touched. The flag was also used in several major ceremonies but has not been seen since October 1944.

2. Death of Subhas Chandra Bose

During World War II, Subhas Chandra Bose was the leader of the Indian National Army. According to the Allies, he was a traitor because he had links to the Japanese and Germans.

Officially, Bose was thought to have died in a plane crash in 1945, but some claimed that the ashes found were from a Japanese military officer named Ichiro Okura.

The news was alleged to mislead people who were tracking Bose’s whereabouts. But, the real event that happened to Bose is unknown until now. Some believed that he went to Las Vegas and became a gambler as a new alias. Some people even claimed that he owned a casino there and has influenced the poker game community in USA.

3. British troops at Auschwitz

In 2009, historians were carrying out routine maintenance at the death concentration camp when they later discovered the list of names of British soldiers.

There are check marks on the eight names and writings in German which read “ever since,” “never,” and “now.”

There are many theories about the list of names, for example, that they are prisoners of war. Other opinions say that they are Allied traitors.

4. Ness Gun Battery artists

Ness Gun Battery is a strategic location in Orkney located in the British Isles. There, the soldiers found a large mural on one of the barracks hall walls.

The mural depicts a quiet village in England and has the signature “A.R. Woods.” But, until now, no one knows who that person really is.

5. Hitler’s Globe

One of Charlie Chaplin’s classic comedy works entitled “The Great Dictator” shows a tyrant with a globe that steals the attention.

It turns out, Hitler has a similar object known as the “Columbus Globe.”

Only a few large globes have been made, but what Hitler has lost for years.

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