WWII United States Army Air Force veteran James H. "Jimmy" Doolittle

James H. Doolittle

Army Air Corps / Army Air Force

1917-1930 / 1940-1945

A true pioneer, one must recount among General Jimmy Doolittle's aviation achievements: being the first man to fly across the United States in 24 hours; the first in 12 hours; the first to fly an aircraft solely by instrument; the conception and leadership of the first air raid on Tokyo; and command of the American Eighth Air Force in Europe.

A recipient of the Medal of Honor, Doolittle also served his country working for NASA and in many private capacities.

22 April 1991 / 1100 Hrs

Photograph of WWII Air Force veteran General James H.

foreword by Stephen E. Ambrose | afterword by Senator John McCain

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